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Top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools & Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool?

Ad Spy tools are the go-to software for digital marketing research. You no longer have to scratch your head wondering how to execute your marketing campaigns. All you do now is spy on your competitors and do what they did. What a load off!

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Top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools

Have you been searching for a kickass ad spy tool? Well, you are right on time.  We are just about to discuss the top 5 best ad spy tools in the market.

We’ll also talk about our pick of the top spy tool (AdSpy) and throw in an AdSpy Coupon for you. 

So, what are the top 5 best ad spy tools in 2020?

  1. AdSpy
  2. Social Ad Scout
  3. Whatrunswhere
  4. AdMobiSpy
  5. Semrush

As you would expect, our top pick is AdSpy and we have some pretty good reasons.

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Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool

AdSpy is without a doubt one of the most powerful ad Spy tools in the biz. We have had a chance to use it and here is what we loved about it.  

1. Massive Data

AdSpy comes with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads. We are talking over 89 million ads and 14 million+ advertisers covering 203 countries across the world. Moreover, AdSpy offers ads in 88 different languages.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of ads to be had considering the database grows every day.

If there are any ads in any niche that you would like to see, AdSpy will have them ready.

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2. Advanced Search and Filter Tool

Naturally, you may be wondering, with all these ads, how could I possibly find the one I am looking for. Well, AdSpy is well ahead of you. Their Advanced Search and Filter tool is so powerful that you can search and filter millions of ads in a few clicks.

You can search and filter ads by AdText, URL, Page Name, Affiliate ID, Offer ID, landing page technologies, and so on.

AdSpy offers a powerfully granulated search and filter so you can find your choice ads in seconds.

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AdSpy Pricing

With all the hype about AdSpy, you may be thinking it will cost you an arm and a leg. That’s simply not true. AdSpy offers a single monthly subscription of $149. Once you subscribe, you can use AdSpy to the maximum.

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